Computer Science

  • Dash Robot Gets Virtual World

    Wonder Workshop, the education technology company that introduced Dash and Dot to classrooms, has developed a virtual world with a virtual robot for student access in remote classes.

  • Minecraft Gets Hub for Teaching Resources

    Minecraft Gets Hub for Teaching Resources

    Microsoft has compiled a hub of resources for helping teachers and families use Minecraft: Education Edition to teach students at home.

  • Students Get Online Minecraft Camp Opportunity

    Nonprofit Connected Camps has structured online summer camp programs. Almost all involve the use of Minecraft. This isn't the organization's first foray into online summer camps; more than 10,000 young people have participated in its programs over the last five years.

  • XPRIZE Announces Video Game Design Challenge for Students

    XPRIZE Announces Video Game Design Challenge for Students

    XPRIZE — the organization known for designing and managing major prize competitions to spur major technological advances — is launching XPRIZE Connect, a new program to get young people to pursue careers in STEM (and eventually become XPRIZE competitors themselves).

  • Major League Hacking, GitHub Seek 100 Coding Interns

    While many students have lost their internships for the summer over COVID-19 closures, a group of companies has come together to put coding students to work. Major League Hacking and GitHub have announced a remote internship program to support young developers by getting them involved with coding projects.

  • CoderZ Intros Elementary Grade Coding Course

    Education technology company CoderZ has introduced a new course for students in grades 2-5 to learn how to program.

  • College Board, Amazon Giving 4,000 Free Computers to AP CS Students

    The College Board has teamed up with Amazon Future Engineer to donate 4,000 laptop computers to students who want to access Advanced Placement Computer Science courses and can't because they lack a device at home to take the exams. Students receiving the donated laptops will get to keep them to support their educational journey beyond the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Call for Code Global Challenge Addresses COVID-19 and Climate Change

    COVID-19 is part of this year's Call for Code Global Challenge, run by the Clinton Global Initiative University and IBM. The challenge is a global program to entice students, developers and other problem solvers with both technical and non-technical backgrounds to create practical applications that use cloud, data and artificial intelligence and can make an "immediate and lasting impact on humanitarian issues."

  • STEM Tools, Games and Products to Engage Girls in Pre-K Through Early Elementary School

    STEM Tools, Games and Products to Engage Girls in Pre-K Through Early Elementary School

    When choosing STEM tools for girls, it is important to choose tools that engage girls in active problem-solving, hands-on learning, building and engineering.

  • Young woman working with computer at table

    Boot Camp Opens Scholarship Programs to Widen Student Diversity

    Boot camp provider Flatiron School has introduced a scholarship program intended to draw in more students from under-represented groups.

  • group of students high fiving

    8 Steps to Running a Great Hackathon

    Hackathons can inspire innovation, create a sense of community, teach computer science skills and prepare students to become digital leaders of the future. Here's how to put together a successful event on campus.

  • GitHub Student Developer Pack Now Features 100-Plus Tools

    The GitHub Student Developer Pack has just expanded, now featuring development tools and training from more than a hundred companies.