• Teaching STEM during COVID

    How can I create a safe lab experience for my students? How will I have time to sanitize everything in my lab before and after each class? Do I have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) at my school? What is the best way to engage my students when they aren’t in class? How can I continue to make STEM activities fun and interactive? 09/18/2020 Read More

  • Livestreamed Chemistry Labs Keep Learning Real — Mistakes, Spills and All

    To offer more than pre-recorded lab demonstrations or virtual laboratories to remote students, two chemistry instructors at Missouri S&T have refined their approach, which uses real-time live-streamed demonstrations of experiments. 09/17/2020 Read More

  • Missouri S&T

    How HyFlex Engineering Lab Instruction Works at Missouri S&T

    Now that students are returning to campus at Missouri S&T, with a mix of online and in-person classes, an instructor in electrical engineering is perfecting his approach to lab activities. 09/17/2020 Read More

  • Jewish Youth Esports Group Turns to HSEL's GenE for Community Support

    Two organizations are joining together to promote diversity in esports. Generation Esports and Lost Tribe Esports are hosting multiple esports tournaments, including one for girls only that just took place. 09/09/2020 Read More

  • Science Supplier Launches High School Flex Kits

    School science supplier Carolina Biological has introduced a new line of products intended to help teachers deliver science instruction whether the students are in the classroom or learning from home. The Carolina Kits 3D Flex cover a year of high school biology or chemistry and include all of the digital and physical components for the lessons. 09/09/2020 Read More

  • U Michigan Engineering Students Get Hands-on Learning at Home

    The University of Michigan's College of Engineering has dedicated $500,000 to help create high-quality learning experiences for students in hybrid and remote courses — particularly when it comes to hands-on projects. 09/08/2020 Read More

  • Oakland Esports

    Oakland U Launches Varsity Esports Program

    Michigan's Oakland University is starting up a Division I varsity esports program this fall. The inaugural teams will compete in League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. and Rocket League. 09/03/2020 Read More

  • New Emory Tech Bootcamps to Train Aspiring Tech Workers

    Emory University, in partnership with Fullstack Academy, is launching online coding and cybersecurity training programs to help develop tech talent in the Atlanta area. 08/28/2020 Read More

  • How We Ran a Student Hackathon Online

    This education provider that teaches students to code ran its first hackathon virtually and drew more than a hundred young participants in a two-day event. 08/28/2020 Read More

  • lego spike

    LEGO Education Releases Middle School Lessons and Teacher Guides

    LEGO Education is priming to help teachers in the new school year with initiatives intended to serve learning, whether it takes place in person or remotely. New programs include STEM lessons that include physical movement; downloadable teacher and parent guides; and a new online teacher community. Although the resources are all available at no cost, some may require access to LEGO or other products that aren't free. 08/28/2020 Read More

  • Adobe Offers At-Home Access to Creative Cloud Through 2020


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