• Paint a Picture Through Coding

    The top 20 most in-demand skills required by U.S. organizations are all computer-science based. Industries globally continue to voice their concern over the lack of tech skills among high school and college graduates. The skills gap is so large that with the right skills, students can almost walk out of school and into a highly lucrative career. 02/03/2023 Read More

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    Ozobot Classroom Integrated With Canvas LMS

    Ozobot, maker of programmable robotics and STEAM-based learning solutions for K–12, has integrated its Ozobot Classroom with Instructure’s Canvas learning management system — enabling quicker and seamless access for educators using Canvas quicker access to Ozobot Classroom content that is ready to use, the company said. 02/02/2023 Read More

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    Rethinking How We Teach Math: Three Tips for Better Long-term Retention

    Students need to learn not only math shortcuts, processes, and formulas — they also must learn the underlying concepts behind them. Students need a deeper conceptual understanding of math so they can transfer their knowledge to new contexts and are less prone to making mistakes. They also need more time for learning math in school and more focus on long-term retention. 02/01/2023 Read More

  • screenshot from MathGPT website and THE Journal logo

    Meet MathGPT: a Chatbot Tutor Built Specific to a Math Textbook

    PhotoStudy, an on-demand 1:1 tutoring solution developed by Hung Tran in 2015, said it can now transform any math textbook by any publisher into a “MathGPT” chatbot that works similarly to the groundbreaking ChatGPT tool making headlines in recent weeks. 01/30/2023 Read More

  • Gonzaga, Springboard Launch Cybersecurity, Software Engineering 'Bootcamp' Programs, Focusing on Career Prep

    Springboard, an online learning platform that emphasizes mentor-student relationships, today unveiled a new partnership with Gonzaga University to deliver two online “bootcamps” to learners aiming for careers in cybersecurity and software engineering. 01/26/2023 Read More

  • Young Scientist Challenge Program Applications Open

    3M and Discovery Education have announced open applications for the annual 3M Young Scientist Challenge and a new Alumni Network and Alumni Grants Program. 01/25/2023 Read More

  • 05/20/2022
  • Study: Music Education Benefits Adolescents’ Wellbeing

    A study published in January 2023 by the University of Southern California (USC) in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology” on the impact of music education showed that middle school students gained not only cognitive benefits, but a greater sense of wellbeing in the five key areas of Positive Youth Development (PYD). The study’s findings come at a time when California voters have recently approved Proposition 28, to increase funding for arts and music education in the state’s public schools. 01/23/2023 Read More

  • College and Career Readiness Report Shows Distinct Gender Gap

    College and career readiness company YouScience has released its “Post Graduation Readiness Report Part II,” which reveals that while 44% of female high school students showed aptitude for careers in architecture and engineering, they showed 0% interest in them when interest-based, instead of aptitude-based, tools were used to gauge student talents, abilities, and pathways. 01/19/2023 Read More

  • Screenshot of Discovery Education Science Techbook Biology course homepage

    South Carolina Adopts Experiential Digital Science Techbook for High School Biology

    The Discovery Education Science Techbook’s high school biology course, designed to align with state standards, “offers a unique and engaging three-dimensional learning experience that aligns with S.C. College & Career-Ready Science Standards” through both print and digital editions, providing classroom flexibility for educators seeking to grow student engagement. 01/17/2023 Read More

  • The Key Role of Coding in Literacy Development


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