3D printers are becoming a common sight in classrooms and labs around the world, and many educators are integrating this technology into their lesson plans. Formlabs is offering a free 3D printed sample from the Form 2 desktop 3D printer in addition to resources that have helped educators creatively integrate printing into curriculum and successfully set up 3D printer spaces.

The clear anatomical heart model is a great example of what can be produced from the easy-to-use Form 2. Request your sample and it will be shipped directly to your school or lab.

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  • Anatomical Heart 3D Printed Model

    • High resolution for fine details
    • Transparent to showcase internal features
    • Smooth surface finish
    • Complex geometries for intricate designs

"3D printers alone get my students excited, but then I show them a video of how they’re actually being used in industry; that you can actually 3D print prototypes, organs models, molds, even dentures, and they’re hooked."

- Jeremy Shaw from Somerville High School