• League of Legends Maker Produces Free Game Design Lessons

    League of Legends Maker Produces Free Game Design Lessons

    Riot Games has introduced a free game design curriculum for educators that meshes with well known learning standards. The course can be taught, according to the maker of esports favorite League of Legends, by "any teacher with access to the internet and a printer." 10/02/2019 Read More

  • Sphero acquires littleBits

    Ayah Bdeir is leaving littleBits, the company she founded in 2011 to put components into kids' hands that enabled them to create circuitry systems without wires, soldering or programming. Recently, littleBits was acquired by Sphero, a robotics and STEAM company. 09/26/2019 Read More

  • EngineerGirls Reps Tackle Projects for Recruiting Younger Students to the Field

    A group of high schoolers has been named as "EngineerGirl Ambassadors," all intending to implement projects this school year to woo younger students to engineering. The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) named 16 girls to the year-long EngineerGirl program, which is designed to help them develop their leadership skills and promote engineering to other students. 09/23/2019 Read More

  • Free Swift Coding Curriculum Added to Canvas Commons

    Instructors can now freely access "App Development with Swift" through the Canvas Commons. The course includes lessons, teacher guides and developer tools for use in the classroom. 09/12/2019 Read More

  • NSF Grants Aims to Fast-Track STEM Teacher Training to Fill Gaps

    A grant-funded program in a Georgia university is combining tuition, mentoring, professional development opportunities and extra pay to grow the number of STEM-certified teachers in the state. 09/10/2019 Read More

  • Screen-Free Ed Robot Launched for Early Learners

    Screen-Free Ed Robot Launched for Early Learners

    Makeblock's $150 "mTiny" can help children learn basic programming and incorporates 300 sound effects, 10 emotions and multiple kinds of track movements. 09/03/2019 Read More

  • LEGO challenge

    LEGO Launches FIRST LEGO League Challenges

    LEGO Education is collaborating with FIRST to offer two challenges for students to gain skills in architecture, infrastructure and the sustainability of future cities 08/27/2019 Read More

  • Philly Museum Running Math in Art Online Course

    Philly Museum 'Running Math in Art' Online Course

    A Philadelphia art museum will soon be launching an online K-12 teacher training course, "Math in Art." This interactive course, being run by the Barnes Foundation, aims to promote experiential learning through the integration of math and art. 07/31/2019 Read More

  • Redesigned Framework Helps Construct Maker Learning Programs

    Redesigned Framework Helps Construct Maker Learning Programs

    Education technology nonprofit Digital Promise has updated its guidance to help school leaders set up maker programs that are sustainable and serve all learners. 07/30/2019 Read More

  • Esports Joining Olympics in 2024

    Esports Joining Olympics in 2024

    If you've wondered whether esports truly is an athletic endeavor, maybe this will convince you: The 2024 Summer Olympics, taking place in Paris, will include demonstration esports events. 07/30/2019 Read More

  • Roomba Maker Moves into the Classroom with Root Purchase

    Roomba Maker Moves into the Classroom with Root Purchase

    Consumer robot company iRobot Corp. recently acquired Root Robotics, which caters primarily to K-12. The latter's educational "Root" coding robot grew out of a summer research project in 2011 at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. 07/17/2019 Read More