• Under-Construction Middle School Could Become STEAM Academy

    Jarrett Middle School, an existing member of Springfield Public Schools whose new campus is currently under construction in Springfield, Mo., could be designated as a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) academy by the time it opens. 05/07/2021 Read More

  • SMARTdesk STEM lab robotics room

    "American Rescue Plan" for Schools Ignites Opportunity for STEM Learning

    As students come back to new and improved classrooms, STEM learning will become paramount in learning experience design. School shutdowns have hit science classes hard and may lead to widening achievement gaps in STEM fields. As institutions of learning reopen, science, computer and innovation labs should be the pillars of infrastructure improvements. 05/04/2021 Read More

  • Miami Dade College and IBM Initiative to Support Faculty Training, Next-Gen Skills

    Miami Dade College is collaborating with IBM on a spate of workforce development offerings, including expanded faculty training as well as digital courses in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity and quantum computing. 04/27/2021 Read More

  • NVIDIA Joins with AI Pathways Program to Expand Access to AI and Robotics Education

    NVIDIA has entered into a three-year partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania (BGCWPA) to support the AI Pathways Institute, a program that exposes students to artificial intelligence and robotics education. The aim of the partnership, according to NVIDIA, is to expand access to the program “to more students, particularly those from underserved and underrepresented communities.” 04/20/2021 Read More

  • Tools, Games, and Products to Engage Girls in Pre-K through Early Elementary School

    With so much material to wade through, finding the right STEM tools and products for young girls can be daunting. This excerpt from Amanda Sullivan's book Breaking the STEM Stereotype: Reaching Girls in Early Childhood will provide educators with examples of tools, games, and products currently available that can be used with girls as early as preschool to practice foundational STEM skills. 04/20/2021 Read More

  • Daniel Wright Junior High School

    Redesigning Older School Buildings to Support Specific Learning Models

    Our single-story school building was built in the 1970s and has been added onto and modified many times over the years. When it came time to give it yet another overhaul last year, the goal was to create a modern, collaborative learning environment that supported group work, Socratic seminars, fishbowl meetings, and STEM learners. We simply couldn’t check off all of these boxes using our existing footprint, so we started looking at how we could modify the space 04/20/2021 Read More

  • Labster Bolsters Simulations with Additional Science Learning Resources

    Virtual lab company Labster has expanded its portfolio of learning resources with a variety of new offerings designed to complement its core science simulations. 04/19/2021 Read More

  • Scholarship Fund to Cover Cost of AWS Testing

    A new initiative in Arizona will help disadvantaged students in high school and college take Amazon AWS certification exams. 04/12/2021 Read More

  • intel esports

    Intel Supporting High School Esports

    Intel will be supporting esports in high schools. The chipmaker has signed on as a sponsor with Generation Esports (GenE), a company that runs a competitive high school league, providing prizes, "loot crates" and promotion for the events. Tournament play will culminate in the $50,000 "Intel Winners Circle Tournament" this summer. 04/09/2021 Read More

  • Ball State University Esports Center

    Ball State University Debuts Esports Center

    Ball State University, located in Muncie, Ind., held a virtual ribbon cutting for its new Esports Center this week. The 3,600-square-foot facility will serve as the home of the College of Communication, Information, and Media’s new Esports program. 04/06/2021 Read More

  • Osmo Launching $2,000 STEAM Education Mini-Grants


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