• Minecraft for Chromebooks Arrives

    Minecraft for Chromebooks Arrives

    As Microsoft promised a few weeks ago, the company has announced general availability of Minecraft: Education Edition for Chromebook devices, just in time for the start of school. The release comes with two new features for all users. 08/14/2020 Read More

  • Northeastern Extends Access to Science Videos

    Northeastern University is providing access to the Journal of Visualized Experiments for all of its students, faculty and researchers, as well as local high schools. 08/14/2020 Read More

  • CoderZ Intros Python Course for Middle and High School Students

    CoderZ Intros Python Course for Middle and High School Students

    Education technology company CoderZ has added a new programming course to its suite of coding and robotics products. Python Gym is intended to help students in grades 7-12 gain a basic understanding of object-oriented programming by working on Python programs. 08/03/2020 Read More

  • U.S. Teachers Evolving on Science of Evolution

    U.S. Teachers Evolving on Science of Evolution

    A survey done in 2007 found that only a third of public high school biology teachers were able to present the subject of evolution in a way that satisfied national science experts. And 13 percent of teachers offered creationism as a "valid scientific alternative" to evolution. 08/03/2020 Read More

  • Minecraft Coming to Chromebook

    Minecraft Coming to Chromebook

    Microsoft: Education Edition is coming to the Chromebook, and the Microsoft division is seeking beta testers. Up until now, people had to run hacks if they wanted to play the game on their Chromebook computers. 07/29/2020 Read More

  • PlayVS Adds Recreational Esports and Overwatch to Play Roster

    PlayVS Adds Recreational Esports and Overwatch to Play Roster

    Esports company PlayVS is introducing a two-league system to high school play: varsity, which it's already had, and recreational, which is new. It's also adding Overwatch to its offerings for high school gaming. 07/28/2020 Read More

  • Apple

    Apple HBCU Coding Program Adds 10 Colleges

    Apple recently said it would be adding 10 more historically Black colleges and universities to a program that aims to make HBCUs "learn-to-code hubs" for students. 07/28/2020 Read More

  • NASEF and Twitch Team Up on Scholastic Esports Programs

    The immediate goal is to help young people gain digital literacy skills. 07/23/2020 Read More

  • Cengage Offers Free College Math Boot Camps

    Education technology company Cengage is running free math readiness boot camps for students, to help them prepare for college. 07/21/2020 Read More

  • Ed Tech Company Intros New Platform for Delivering VR Lessons

    A company that creates augmented reality and virtual reality education applications has launched a new platform for creating and delivering lessons to be taught in VR. VictoryXR Academy from VictoryXR enables the user to build lesson plans for a single class or a course. 07/20/2020 Read More

  • DoD STEM Outreach Office Sponsors Esports in NJ


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