• STEM Trends for 2020 Target Diversity, Rural Teachers and PD

    A nonprofit pursuing the goal of helping prepare 100,000 teachers to teach STEM subjects in American classrooms by 2021 recently issued a report on 10 trends for 2020, placing diversity challenges at the top of the list. 02/20/2020 Read More

  • Amazon Future Engineer Teachers to Vie for $25K STEM Prize Packages

    The Future Engineer program funds computer science courses at more than 2,000 high schools, according to Amazon. The goal is to support students in underserved and underrepresented communities. 02/20/2020 Read More

  • HSEL Members to Gain Access to New Scholarship Pool

    Students attending schools that belong to the High School Esports League (HSEL) will be eligible for "For the Gamers" scholarships being granted by eFuse. So far, slightly more than $200,000 have been donated, almost all of that by eFuse, which operates a social network for esports and video games. 02/20/2020 Read More

  • Children using tools like a screwdriver to tinker with a robot on a table.

    Design Trends Influencing STEM Education

    Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are crucial parts of today's curriculum. When it comes to maximizing learning outcomes, many schools focus on the equipment and technology available. However, design also has a significant impact. 02/19/2020 Read More

  • Pokimane

    Twitch Phenom Pokimane Donates $50,000 to Fund UC Irvine Esports Scholarships

    A female gamer with 94 million total views on Twitch.tv and almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube has pledged $50,000 to University of California, Irvine for student scholarships in its esports program. 02/19/2020 Read More

  • Athletic Conferences Partner with ESL Collegiate for Greater Esports Reach

    ESL Collegiate has signed a three-year agreement with the BIG EAST Conference and has expanded its partnership with the West Coast Conference for the spring 2020 season, where participating teams will compete in League of Legends. 02/19/2020 Read More

  • Esports at Wake Technical Community College

    More Schools Kick Off Esports Programs, Including Purdue and Texas A&M

    Purdue University Northwest, in Westville, IN, has announced it will be introducing co-educational esports in the fall, making it the first school in the state to offer competitive gaming at the varsity level. 02/19/2020 Read More

  • Esports Job Openings Double Year over Year

    The number of opportunities in esports has nearly doubled year over year. 02/13/2020 Read More

  • Ethics in STEM Education: Going Beyond the Classroom

    Ethics in STEM Education: Going Beyond the Classroom

    When we discuss STEM education, it's easy to focus on acts of teaching and learning. But if our vision of STEM is only confined to the classroom, we risk ignoring a large portion of what the true essence of STEM education is all about. It is more than just a collection of subjects taught in isolation. In its truest form, STEM is a state of mind: a practice of critical thinking and problem-solving that learners engage in throughout life. 02/12/2020 Read More

  • Projection of programming code on software developer

    Report Finds Boot Camp Model Troubling

    An intensely researched study published on Class Central has dissected the economics of boot camps and found them to be poor venture capital investments — and possibly poor investments for their students too. 02/12/2020 Read More

  • closeup of coding on computer

    Boot Camp Growth Rate Slowed in 2019

    Boot camps generated nearly half a billion dollars in 2019 and graduated almost 34,000 students, yet the year-over-year growth rate slowed, according to a report from Career Karma. 02/11/2020 Read More

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