Interactive Report Shows How States Are Doing on Critical STEM Skills

The STEM Opportunity Index is an interactive national map that shows how states are performing based on 10 different factors that are indicators of STEM benchmarks.

Interactive Report Shows How States Are Doing on Critical STEM Skills

The National Math and Science Initiative is investing in illustrating how states across the country are performing on critical STEM skills. The STEM Opportunity Index, developed by NMSI, SRI International and 100Kin10, takes information from more than 100 public data sets and puts it into an interactive map that compares how states are doing across 10 different conditions, practices and outcomes that demonstrate STEM success rates.

These indicators include policies and funding, teacher preparation, educator quality, instructional resources and STEM education outcomes. Data sets incorporated into the map include Next Generation Science Standards and ISTE standards adopted, proficiencies in math and reading for fourth and eighth graders from the National Assessment of Educational Progress and ACT test benchmark scores in STEM, science, English and reading.

Each of the indicators come from the STEM Success Framework, which is a guide help to states and school districts navigate equitable STEM teaching and learning. The framework consists of three sections: system contributors, conditions and practices and STEM outcomes.

"No one organization can ensure all students have the access and resources needed to thrive in STEM education," NMSI CEO Bernard Harris said. “We now look forward to adding more features and seeing how businesses, lawmakers, parents and other nonprofits use the tools to improve public STEM education."

By the end of the year, NMSI expects to add information from school system and school-level data to the STEM Opportunity Index.

The initial version of the STEM Opportunity Index can be found at

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