• 'I am a Scientist' Helps Students Envision Future Careers

    Two women, one a physicist and the other a designer, have launched a nonprofit initiative to help every student in middle school or high school envision the possibility of becoming a scientist. The "I Am A Scientist" project provides free "toolkits" to help teachers, families and young people themselves break down stereotypes about scientists while also introducing the students to various STEM fields. 06/01/2020 Read More

  • Dash Robot Gets Virtual World

    Wonder Workshop, the education technology company that introduced Dash and Dot to classrooms, has developed a virtual world with a virtual robot for student access in remote classes. 06/01/2020 Read More

  • UCLA esports varsity player Naveen Sheik plays on the Overwatch team from his room during the COVID-19 pandemic

    UCLA Esports Players Find Ways to Keep the Gaming Going Remotely

    While the University of California Los Angeles had to close its new esports training facility (along with every other campus facility) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, team members are playing on, from bedrooms and flat-panel displays around the country, according to a recent university article. 06/01/2020 Read More

  • Eastern Michigan Hopes to Boost Enrollment with New Esports Agreement

    Eastern Michigan University has signed a multi-year contract with Gen.G to run competitions for both college and high school students and organize K-12 camps. The deal is intended to help the institution accelerate its esports activities, helping to drive fall 2020 enrollment and differentiate the school from others in the region. 05/29/2020 Read More

  • SUNY Cobleskill Adding Varsity Esports for Fall

    State University of New York Cobleskill intends to added varsity-level esports to its athletics program in the fall. 05/29/2020 Read More

  • Minecraft Gets Hub for Teaching Resources

    Minecraft Gets Hub for Teaching Resources

    Microsoft has compiled a hub of resources for helping teachers and families use Minecraft: Education Edition to teach students at home. 05/27/2020 Read More

  • Students Get Online Minecraft Camp Opportunity

    Nonprofit Connected Camps has structured online summer camp programs. Almost all involve the use of Minecraft. This isn't the organization's first foray into online summer camps; more than 10,000 young people have participated in its programs over the last five years. 05/21/2020 Read More

  • Vernier

    New Instruments Help Students Learn Chemistry Data Collection

    A scientific equipment company that caters to education has launched a new set of data-collection instruments for use by college-level chemistry students, for use when classes have moved back to campus. The new chemistry products from Vernier Software & Technology include the Go Direct Polarimeter, Go Direct Mini GC and Go Direct Cyclic Voltammetry System. 05/21/2020 Read More

  • Missouri HS Esports Association Joins National Federation

    Missouri HS Esports Association Joins National Federation

    The Missouri High School Esports Association (MHSEA) has become an official statewide affiliate of NASEF, a nonprofit that runs competitions and training programs, helps set up afterschool clubs and develops esports curriculum. NASEF's activities and resources are available free. 05/21/2020 Read More

  • NASEF Runs Non-Player Esports Challenge

    Prize bundles include $500 individual scholarships and esports club grants, along with gift cards, a pizza party, tech gear and recognition on the NASEF website and social media. 05/21/2020 Read More

  • XPRIZE Announces Video Game Design Challenge for Students

    XPRIZE Announces Video Game Design Challenge for Students

    XPRIZE — the organization known for designing and managing major prize competitions to spur major technological advances — is launching XPRIZE Connect, a new program to get young people to pursue careers in STEM (and eventually become XPRIZE competitors themselves). 05/21/2020 Read More

  • Updated: Free Computer Science Resources for Schools During the COVID-19 Outbreak


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