• Gustavus Adolphus College to Marry STEM, Arts in Science Hall Renovation

    Gustavus Adolphus College is launching a $70-million renovation and expansion of its Nobel Hall of Science with an eye toward emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of liberal arts education. "The combination of traditional STEM disciplines with the arts is consistent with the growing STEAM education movement that produces well-rounded students who are prepared to drive innovation," according to information released by the college. 02/05/2018 Read More

  • NSF Grant to Fund Water Engineering Sim for grades 6–12

    The National Science Foundation has awarded a $225,000 grant to Brown Engineers to develop a water engineering simulation for use in STEM education. 02/05/2018 Read More

  • HP

    HP Debuts 'Engineering-Grade' Full-Color 3D Printers

    HP took the wraps off a new series of 3D printers capable of producing "engineering-grade, functional" parts in full color and black/white. 02/05/2018 Read More

  • grants for stem and steam education

    Grants & Upcoming Events (Week of Feb. 5, 2018)

    The deadline for the Gates Foundation's Networks for School Improvement grant is just weeks away. T.C.E.A. 2018 is happening in Austin this week. 02/05/2018 Read More

  • Interboro Schools Wins $100,000 Boeing Grant for Makerspaces at 4 Schools

    $100,000 Grant to Fund Makerspaces at 4 Schools

    Dubbed "Makerspaces: Designing Collaborative Spaces for 21st Century Learners," the project aims to encourage project-based learning, design thinking and the notion of students as creators. 02/01/2018 Read More

  • Wonder Workshop Debuts Applied Robotics Curriculum

    Wonder Workshop Debuts Applied Robotics Curriculum

    Based on design-thinking principles, the new curriculum includes student notebooks with activities aligned to CSTA, ISTE-S, Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. 02/01/2018 Read More

  • 2 Tennessee Districts Team up to Set World Coding Record

    Students from two school districts in Tennessee — Knox County and Oak Ridge City Schools — have teamed up to break the world record for the largest computer programming lesson. 02/01/2018 Read More

  • Flipping with Short Lab Videos Can Help Students Learn in Science Courses

    Flipping a science course, by having students watch videos first to learn basic concepts and step-by-step procedures for doing lab work, can improve the outcomes. That's the finding of an experiment run at DeSales and Clemson Universities in a research project sponsored by a journal publisher that produces such videos. The project was undertaken by TERC, a nonprofit STEM education research and development organization, on behalf of the Journal of Visualized Experiments. 01/31/2018 Read More

  • STEM Students Create Health-Related Products in 20-Hour 'Inventathon'

    In a recent "inventathon" that took place at the Houston Community College Advanced Manufacturing Center, hundreds of students competed to design and create health-related products. After 20 hours of effort, a team of four middle and high schoolers swept the competition (and won $500) with their invention: the AquaWheel, a 3D-printed device that uses the rolling motion of a wheel to power an internal UV light to purify water. The idea was to help people in developing countries who have to walk many miles to get water for drinking and cooking. 01/29/2018 Read More

  • Study: Personalized Text Messages Boost STEM Student Persistence

    In a randomized trial this past summer, community college students in STEM fields who received personalized text message "nudges" to keep them on track stayed in school at a rate 10 percentage points higher than those who did not receive nudges. The study, a joint effort by Jobs for the Future and Persistence Plus, followed about 2,000 students at four U.S. community colleges to gauge the impact of text message communications on college completion and student success. 01/29/2018 Read More

  • grants for stem and steam education

    Grants & Upcoming Events (Week of Jan. 29, 2018)

    The deadline for the Gates Foundation's Networks for School Improvement grant is just weeks away. Upcoming events include T.C.E.A. 2018 and the CUE 2018 National Conference. 01/29/2018 Read More

  • Video Showcase Highlights STEM Research Projects


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