Sony Debuts Robotics and Design Kit for K-12 Classrooms

Sony has unveiled a new coding, robotics and design kit, the Koov educator kit, for use in schools.

Koov features more than 300 building blocks and accessories, including various sensors, motors, LEDs and more that students can use to design working robots. The Koov App includes more than 30 hours of educational content for teachers in its learning course section, which focuses on concepts related to the different electrical components in the kit and instructions on using Scratch to code and control robots. The kits include lesson plans, teacher guides, student progress reports and class management features.

Sony Koov 

The kit also offers 23 "robot recipes," already coded and designed plans ranging from simple figures to complex vehicles or animals, designed to showcase what students can do with Koov while allowing them to start building immediately to get comfortable with the kit's tools.

The full kit includes:

  • 322 blocks;
  • Four LEDs;
  • A buzzer;
  • Two infrared photoreflectors;
  • A light sensor;
  • A push switch;
  • An accelerometer;
  • Two DC motors;
  • Three servo motors;
  • One Koov core;
  • Two base trays;
  • A battery box;
  • Nine cables;
  • Eight 360 connectors;
  • Eight eyes;
  • Four wheels;
  • A small gear, a large gear and two rack gears;
  • 23 lessons;
  • 35 robot recipes;
  • The Koov app;
  • Quick-start guide; and
  • Classroom management software.

The kits, appropriate for groups of up to five students, are designed to be used both in independent study and with teacher-led instruction. The kits cost $519 each, with discounts available for bulk purchases. Pre-orders are available now, with kits scheduled to begin shipping March 25.

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