SAM Labs Introduces 3 New STEAM Kits for Classroom Use

SAM Labs Introduces 3 New STEAM Kits for Classroom Use

SAM Labs is launching three new STEAM kits designed to encourage student interest in coding and computer science.

The Alpha Kit, described by the company as an introductory STEAM lesson kit and "named after generation alpha, the youngest generation born entirely in the 21st century who will use technology to transform the world as we know it," is designed to be used by two or three students at a time. The $149 Alpha Kit includes:

  • SAM Space Education App;
  • More than 25 lesson plans;
  • Two DC motors;
  • A light sensor;
  • An RGB light;
  • A Bluetooth 4.0 dongle;
  • A micro-USB 5-in-1 charging cable;
  • A Lego gear attachment;
  • Two wheels;
  • Two small Lego holders;
  • Two large Lego holders;
  • One roller ball;
  • A SAM controller;
  • One car chassis; and
  • A Getting Started Guide.

The Team Kit is suitable for nine or 10 students at a time and costs $399. In addition to everything that comes with the Alpha Kit, the Team Kit includes:

  • Four more DC motors;
  • Three total light sensors;
  • Two additional RBG lights;
  • A buzzer;
  • A proximity sensor;
  • A button;
  • Two additional Bluetooth dongles;
  • Two more charging cables;
  • Two additional Lego gear attachments;
  • Four additional wheels;
  • Six total Lego holders;
  • Four additional large Lego holders;
  • Two more roller balls;
  • Three total SAM controllers; and
  • Two additional car chassis.

The Classroom Kit (pictured above) is designed for a full classroom of up to 30 students, costs $999 and includes everything in the Team Kit plus a total of:

  • 20 motors;
  • 10 light sensors;
  • 10 lights;
  • Two buttons;
  • Two sliders;
  • A tilt sensor;
  • 10 Bluetooth dongles;
  • 10 charging cables;
  • 10 Lego gear attachments;
  • 20 wheels;
  • 20 small Lego holders;
  • 20 large Lego holders;
  • 10 roller balls;
  • 10 SAM controllers; and
  • 10 chassis.

"The number one goal for SAM Labs this year is to make computer science education even more accessible for teachers and students — and our three new coding kits do just that," said Joachim Horn, founder and CEO of SAM Labs, in a prepared statement. "The flexibility of the new Alpha, Team and Classroom Kits allows educators to pick the right kit for their classroom. Each kit offers impactful coding education to all students, no matter the school budget. Students at every coding skill level now have access to hands-on computer science education with the maximum pedagogical impact. Finally, teachers can continuously skill up in coding education through SAM Labs' training programs, providing them with the support they need to maximize the success of coding in the classroom."

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